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DRYICEJET produces and supplies revolutionary industrial cleaning systems. Our technology uses a state-of-art dry ice blasting method for surface cleaning.With twenty years of experience, our company develops, produces, sells and services an entire range of machines and equipment for dry ice blasting and dry ice production. The company emphasises continual development of new systems, innovation, technological improvements and adaptation to specific needs. The company produces cleaning systems of the highest quality which can be used in production, maintenance and service operations in almost any branch of industry.

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The most economical dry ice equipment on the market, both in initial cost and in continued use.

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Over the 20 years we have become leaders in the dry ice blasting industry with a global network of suppliers.

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We believe that by providing quality products at affordable prices we are able to back these products and provide guaranteed service. The BM range of Dry Ice Blasters are constructed from only the best available components and this gives us the confidence to back what we sell 100%.

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DRYICEJET is trusted by some of the world’s most reputable brands. We partner with businesses from around the world to help them save time and money.


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The time savings alone are amazing because we’ve been able to clean better and faster while the equipment is still online, and we’ve significantly reduced the amount of cleaners, detergents and alcohol we buy and use to clean.


Martin Smith

Setup Supervisor | Silgan Plastics

Cleaning with DRYICEJET does not roll up the parting lines, change or damage the metal, and most importantly, it gives us an extended run time.


Shelly Barns

President and CEO | Performance Plastics

We estimated that it would pay for itself in six months, but it only took a month. This machine is incredible. Every plant needs to have a dry ice cleaning system!


Jacob Luke

Tooling Supervisor | Progress Casting

FAQ-Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, which is propelled at supersonic speed, to create mini-explosions on the surface so that any undesirable contaminant is lifted off without abrasion. The cold temperature of the dry ice creates a micro-thermal shock between the surface contaminant and the substrate, further eliminating the contaminant by cracking and delaminating it.

The process is a non-abrasive, nonflammable and non-conductive cleaning method. There is no by-product as it is totally dry. This means that it is very versatile and can be used in a wide range of general cleaning applications. It also allows most items to be cleaned in place without the need for time-consuming and inconvenient disassembly. The unique characteristics of dry ice make it the perfect clean-in-place solution.

The operational efficiency of dry ice can be beneficial in many different sectors, such as the food and drink manufacturing and packaging industry; in the industrial sector, particularly where paint, resins, glue, plastics or rubber are being used and made; in factories where machines, engines and tools are being used, crafted and constructed; in the printing industry with ink injection print heads; and where there is solid carbon dust such as in the foundry industry and in industrial ovens. It can be used to remove production residue, release agents, contaminants, paints, oils and bio-films and is particularly useful where waste is hardened and caked-on, where there is fire damage, in listed and historic buildings, and is especially effective for hard to reach places such as pipework areas. The process is versatile and can be as gentle as dusting smoke damage from books or as aggressive as removing weld slag from tooling.

You can clean up to three or five times faster when the equipment is hot. Adherence to the majority of contaminants is lower at higher temperatures. The dry ice sublimes at the time of impact, unlike the sandblasting that leaves the abrasive media trapped.

Abrasive cleaning methods are generally banned on-site in the industries.

Sandblasting works like a chisel, but dry ice blasting works like a spatula. The sand cuts or chisels the contaminant, while the dry ice lifts it after loosening it.

In addition, sandblasting generates a lot of dust, and it is generally not possible to clean in place.

It depends on what you’re cleaning. If you’re removing a brittle contaminant such as paint, the process creates a compression tension wave between the coating and the substrate. This wave has enough energy to overcome the bonding strength and literally pop the coating off from the inside out.

This is an important question to ask because the amount of dry ice you need to clean effectively can vary dramatically within the industry. With BM2 equipment, most customers need 0-0.32 kg/minute while the trigger is engaged. Of course, when we are cleaning, we won’t be pulling the trigger constantly. At a rate of 0.32 kg/minute with 50% trigger time, we would use 9.4 kg/minute of dry ice in an hour.

CO2 blasting equipment is used in foundries worldwide to clean core boxes and permanent molds. Not only does dry ice blasting increase production by decreasing downtime, but it also eliminates mold damage, preserving the critical tolerances and greatly extending the life of the expensive tooling. You don’t have to be an industrial giant to enjoy the cost benefits of CO2. There are a large number of small to medium-sized foundries in the China and abroad who successfully use DRYICEJET equipment to clean.

Paint: The removal rate is dependent on a great many factors including: the underlying surface profile of the substrate; the thickness of the coating; the adhesive bond strength of the coating; and the cohesive strength of the coating (generally a function of age).

Grease, oil or weld slag: Yes, but dry ice doesn’t dissolve the oil and doesn’t make it disappear so you must have an acceptable way of handling it when it is relocated by the blasting process.

Rust: Yes, it tends to remove the loosely adhered oxidation and salts, but will not remove the deeply adhered oxidation. You will not get a white metal finish. To do that you have to remove the surface metal, something the dry ice blasting process cannot do.
Glass: It can, but some prior testing is required to avoid shattering the glass.

Wood: Dry ice blasting will raise the grain on the wood, leaving a finish similar to that of sandblasting. If you need a smooth wood finish, dry ice blasting is not the answer.

Yes, with proper ventilation. Because CO2 is 40% heavier than air, placement of exhaust vents at or near ground level is recommended when blasting in an enclosed area. In an open shop environment, existing ventilation is sufficient to prevent undue CO2 buildup.

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