With twenty years of experience, DRYICEJET develops, produces, sells and services a whole range of machines and equipment for dry ice blasting and dry ice production.

The company emphasizes the constant development of new systems, innovation, technical improvements and adaptation to specific needs. Our company produces cleaning systems of the highest quality for use in production, maintenance and service operations in almost all industrial sectors.

DRYICEJET headquarters includes a design and development department for the development and production of new systems, a machine park equipped with modern CNC technology, production and assembly halls with qualified employees, and a workshop where standard tests, trials and quality control are performed.

DRYICEJET offers our customers warranty and post-warranty services, professional training, dry ice sales and spare equipment rentals. Our inventory guarantees fast delivery times for machines and accessories. DRYICEJET operates internationally and has an extensive network of sales and service partners who will always be perfectly placed to meet your needs.


DRYICEJET ice cleaning system – the reliable partner for ecological cleaning

Our design and development department defines a standard for optimal dry ice blasting technology. Our patented metering system ensures problem-free operation, low compressed air consumption and significantly reduced dry ice consumption. Our top priority is high quality processing and service.

DRYICEJET offers added value, substantial competitive advantages and increased profitability. Everything is individually tailored to your requirements and can be applied to any industry, regardless of the size of your company.


We manufacture our equipment and systems according to the highest quality.

All our dry ice blasting equipment, pelletizers and patented pellet grinding and metering systems are developed and manufactured by our company. Each piece of equipment is subjected to detailed quality control before it leaves our factory. Testing protocols are part of all the equipment we produce, providing our customers with maximum transparency and the highest level of quality assurance.

The patented DRYICEJET pellet grinding and blending system covers all types of cleaning, from fine cleaning of granular microparticles to effective removal of hard residues. The dry ice pellets are perfectly ground into crystalline snowflakes that can easily clean even sensitive surfaces.

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DRYICEJET—offers more for less money

DRYICEJET offers its customers and partners the most advanced technology at a fair price. Our customers get an attractive price/performance ratio without sacrificing quality and workmanship.

Before you spend your money, get a free demo at your business! We are happy to perform clean test demonstrations on any sample you provide.

We are not afraid of any comparisons to our competitors.


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DRYICEJET is trusted by some of the world’s most reputable brands. We partner with businesses from around the world to help them save time and money.

Our Happy Clients!

The time savings alone are amazing because we’ve been able to clean better and faster while the equipment is still online, and we’ve significantly reduced the amount of cleaners, detergents and alcohol we buy and use to clean.


Martin Smith

Setup Supervisor | Silgan Plastics

Cleaning with DRYICEJET does not roll up the parting lines, change or damage the metal, and most importantly, it gives us an extended run time.



Shelly Barns

President and CEO | Performance Plastics

We estimated that it would pay for itself in six months, but it only took a month. This machine is incredible. Every plant needs to have a dry ice cleaning system!



Jacob Luke

Tooling Supervisor | Progress Casting

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DRYICEJET offers more for less money


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